Jul 25, 2007

Who's Older Visual Quiz

I was astonished in several instances to find out which celebrity was older. This YouTube video was obviously made by a Dutch person since two of the women in the lineup belong to Dutch royalty. Still, you will recognize the majority of women in this short video clip.

If the YouTube logo gets in the way of the birthdate, click here or double click on the image.


Linda Merrill said...

Very interesting. I would have loved for them to have used very recent photos of each lady - vs. some old, some new. For instance, the Bette Midler can't be recent. But I liked how it went in chrono order. btw - Madonna and I share a bday, although a few years apart. She's older. And richer. She wins? ha ha

Ms. Place said...

I agree, Linda. The comparisons would have been more fun in real time photos.