Jul 2, 2007

Next Food Network Star: Adrien Gets Blind Sided on his Blind Side

For my latest recap of Episode 6 of the Next Food Network Star, click here.

After his performance of the past few weeks on The Next Food Network Star was there any doubt in the minds of viewers that Adrien would be the next to leave? The results of my small poll indicated it. With 60 votes in, here's what you said:

So where did our handsome Adrien go wrong? As I, and the NFNS judges have said, this competition is about finding a person who can perform in front of the camera and cook "reasonably well." (Italicized words are mine.) So here are some reasons why Adrien is gone.

1. It's a cooking show, stupid. During the short challenge Adrien made a huge mistake - he didn't cook. He just described what he would do, not even touching a pan. Huh? Even during the 5 minutes demonstration, he failed to show how he grilled those teensy ears of corn. Bad moves.

2. If your strength is your on air personality, then SHINE! Of all the remaining contestants, Adrien had the most experience in front of the camera, so his on-air demonstrations should have been the smoothest. But he stumbled and hesitated like the rest of them, totally obviating the one skill he excelled in.

3. Organization is key. Did you see how Adrien plated his dish? Ewww. Strands of pasta hung off the plate as he hurriedly glopped on a gob of pasta. The dish looked unappetizing. He also scooped the pasta out of the pot with his hands after he'd touched ranges, and pot handles and refrigerator doors. Double ewww. And then he floundered looking for a fork, which he had placed in an inconvenient spot.

4. Ultimately, it's about the quality of your food. Week after week Adrien failed to deliver recipes that either looked good or tasted ok to the judges. Your personality can only take you so far.

So should Adrien have been cut over JAG? Oh, yeah. He never stepped up to the plate. Having been on the bottom for several weeks, his stunned reaction was totally surprising. Did the man have no clue he would be the next to go?

More about Next Food Network Star later. Here's another poll for you. We're down to the final four. Who do you think will be our final two? You may vote for more than one contestant.

Who will be the last two chefs standing?
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Anonymous said...

Is Jag beefing up or what? Isn't he looking bigger each show?

Ms. Place said...

He's probably tasting his own cooking! LOL

BML said...

Unfortunately, I don't get the Food Network -- but as I look at your pictures -- Adrian is cute! :)