Jul 29, 2007

Top Chef 3 Guest Judges: You Decide Who You Like Best

There was no new Top Chef 3 show to snark this past week; just a fake reunion get together that felt as satisfying as a bite of amuse bouche. So, let's examine the guest judges and how much you thought of their contributions. You may vote for more than one, because I know Bourdain will win hands down if I allow you to just click one choice. The judges' photos sit in the order of their names in the poll, and in the order of their appearance. As usual, if you want to read my other Top Chef 3 posts, just click on the TC3 tag below.

Who is your favorite guest judge so far?
Anthony Bourdain
Norman Van Aken
Alfred Portale
Jamie Walker
Barton G. Weiss
Maria Frumkin
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becca said...

Anthony Bourdain. It's almost unfair that you placed him with the others.

Marius said...

LOL! Yes, I also feel sorry for the other guest judges. Anthony is such a great television personality.

eric3000 said...

Yeah, maybe it should be "Other than Anthony Bourdain, who do you like best?"

Calady said...

Anthony all the way!!!