Jul 1, 2007

Hung Weltanshauung: A Top Chef 3 Rhyme With No Meter

"Aaaaeeii! Look what they did with Mother."

Top Chef 3, Episode 3, Quickfire

Who cares who won?
My mind’s still on Hung
and his cruelty towards a tiny crustace-un.

Flung like so much dung
when Hung's net was swung,
the creature lay stunned.

In unison Hung's fellow chefs sung:
“Pick up that crustace-un!”
Then Hung loosed his CPA tongue:
“It’s already met its gotterdammerung.”

Our chefs, undone, cried out as one:
“Why not use it in Egg Foo Yung?”

“Naw,” said heartless Hung,
“I am hamstrung,
for I use only the freshest ingredi-unts.”


Anonymous said...

That's a terrible poem, but I agree that Hung should have picked up that shellfish.

Marius said...

It's Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. I went with Pepe, the King Prawn. :)

And I agree with you 100%; Hung is pretty heartless, but, honestly, he's just a big wuss.