Jul 13, 2007

So, here's the third moral dilemma scenario

In the post sitting below I asked, "What would you do?" The two situations are moral dilemmas that force one to make gut wrenching decisions. But let's add a twist, shall we?

My Diva girlfriends and I went out tonight for cocktails and small talk, and we chanc'd to discuss in the order of no importance 1) fashion, 2) our nails, 3) moral dilemmas, 4) Cheney's dick, and 5) Jane Austen.

Like the well trained private school girls we are, we created our own moral dilemma, which I would like to share with you.

Scenario Three:
In another version of this dilemma, a sixth person is standing beside you on the embankment. His name is Dick Cheney. The only way to stop the train, and save the lives of the five people on the track, is for you to push Dick down onto the track. By pushing him in front of the train and so killing him, you will slow it down enough to save the others. Should you push him?

Here are your choices. Now think carefully:

In less than a blink of Dick's eye you would...
push the slimy bastard
tell him George is waiting and the fastest way to get there is to jump.
hesitate. All God's creatures are special even scumbags.
do nothing. Dick is your idol. You would like him to speak to your children about ethics
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Marius said...

push the slimy bastard

LOL. Well, he asked for it. Hm, you should also consider that if you push Mr. Cheney, you will not only save 5 people--you will be doing the whole nation a favor.

BigAssBelle said...

of course i push the slimy bastard, thus becoming an instant heroine-to-the-nation . . . :-)