Jul 24, 2007

Aw Hell, Julia's Gone from Hell's Kitchen

My prediction radar is way off scope. I thought Bonnie and Josh would be booted off Hell's Kitchen next. Well, I was half right. Josh was unceremoniously kicked out after failing to deliver a decent risotto or spaghetti dish, but after her sterling showing in the last couple of weeks Julia was given the heave ho for a performance that wasn't much more pathetic than Rock's.

OK, so Chef Ramsay had to keep a man around. I understood that. But why not give Julia the same consideration he gave Bonnie a few weeks back and save her for another week? I mean, Josh had already been shown the door so we were already down a contestant. Granted Ramsay was actually kind to Julia at the end, offering to pay her way through culinary school and telling her she had a bright future in the kitchen, but dammit I hate to see the Jen/Rock face off that I and others have predicted come about in such a piss poor way.

Bonnie is not - I repeat - not Top Chef material. She in no way can run a kitchen of a major restaurant. Her performance has been too uneven and she is prone to crying her eyes out when things don't go her way or when she gets in over her head, which is a lot.

Which leaves Jen and Rock.

Rock is not - I repeat - not Top Chef material. Although he is outstanding in many respects and on the surface should receive the top prize, his temper is nasty. His performance has been steady enough, but when things don't go his way he flies off the handle, which is a lot. That temper is not the trait of a good boss.

Which leaves Jen.

Saints preserve us from this choice. Jen has talent, there's no doubt, but she's been portrayed as being sneaky and underhanded, a quality I don't particularly like in someone who will be chosen to lead.

So this leaves three people with uncertain leadership skills vying for the top spot. Guess what folks: I don't really care who wins. I'll continue to watch the show but with none of the enthusiasm I had when Julia was competing. As far as I'm concerned the show ended when she walked out the door.
At least Chef Ramsay had the good grace to look sheepish when he cut her. Bye Julia and good luck. You were a true inspiration.


Big Fella said...

This is what I said about Julia in another forum last week:

I do predict good things for Julia, whether she is the winner of Hells' Kitchen or not, she is a real winner, she has the humility, the heart, and the native talent to learn to be an excellent asset in any restaurant kitchen.

I did not see her get booted off tonight (had to watch The Closer with the Better Half), but it sounds like Ramsey recognized her potential talent if he made an offer to train her. She was the best of the bunch this season, for many reasons.

Melanie said...

I was to surprised that Julia was sent home.

I am so glad that she will be able to attend culinary school, and I hope she comes back.

Pittypat said...

Amen! I too really was pulling for Julia. I was very surprised when Chef Ramsey booted her, even though he made the big gesture. She deserved to win more than anyone on there.

BML said...

I was sad to see Julia leave, but it may be a good thing for her -- the culinary training could be really good for her! When she's done with that, she'll know all the "fine dining" foods and how to cook them!

You are right about Rock -- he has a temper! From listening to him talk about it afterwards, it sounded like he is really stressed out.

Yea, neither Jen (sneaky) nor Bonnie (boohoo, boohoo) really excite me, so I guess I'm with you -- I'll keep watching...but I'm not sure that I care who wins.