Jul 16, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: Waffle House Ain't So Awful Any More

Folks who have been reading my recaps of Hell's Kitchen know I've been a huge Julia fan. Huge. It's amazing how this young chef has kept a steady course, suffering humiliation from teammates who brushed her aside, like Tiffany, the first to go, and Bonnie and Melissa, who tried to get rid of her a few episodes back. Chef Ramsay has seen through all their machinations and kept this capable chef on.

Granted Julia is on a steep learning curve. She knows how to cook eggs and bacon, and had never heard of creme brulee before, but girlfriend has taste buds and common sense and nerves of steel and can direct people in a kitchen.

You go girl.

As for Bonnie, why is she still around? How did she survive on a night when she forgot to turn on the gas?

Jen is talented but sneaky and unlikeable. She might have the most experience as a chef, and she and Rock should probably be in the finals based on their experience, but I am rooting for Julia. I just adore Cinderella stories.

Lest you think I am totally Julia's bitch, here are some of the comments I found on the message boards:

At this point I would like to see Julia in the final and see her win it. On season one CR took the winner under his wing as an apprentice before giving him a restaurant and I hope he does the same for Julia. Of every person on the show she deserves it most. She has the drive, the perseverance, and the willingness to learn that is needed.

AWESOME JULIA!!! Go girl!!!!!

Gosh I love that short order cook! :) But what's going on with Bonnie and Jen now??? Why didn't they show it?

They are not being team players. Jen is too conniving and sneaky and Bonnie is a cry baby

She didn't have the gas on?? What is wrong with Bonnie!!???

Bonnie's an IDIOT.

Everyone puts Julia down, however she consistently proves herself against all these "fine-dining chefs." I love her and feel that with the correct training she could put all those chefs away and any others that stand in her way. You go, Julia!

Julia is getting it done she top dog right now. She just got to start acting like a Top Chef and not a Short order cook. She'll be fine."

As for the men:
After last week's dismal performance, Brad was on the chopping block but he didn't step up to the plate. Here's what someone on the Boards said:

First, this was Brad's menu and it didn't have the appeal of the red menu. Second, Brad failed several key components of the service. His food was not up to snuff and several of his dishes were sent back - the ravioli and the lamb. The sauce on the lamb was not right. Third, he failed to jump in and help Josh. He did a lot more than Rock, but still left Brad to fail.

Ramsay had no choice but to cut Brad, even though Bonnie was a complete airhead and shouldn't have been chosen to compete in the first place. C'mon. She's a nanny who cooks. I really felt it was a toss up tonight as to who should have been cut.

Rock's ego is bigger than Gibraltar. I had originally pegged him as a winner, but he's beginning to resemble a bully whiner and I'm having a hard time backing him. Right now, my money is on Josh for the men...barely, for I am having a tough time supporting him too.

Next week the two teams merge. Now we'll watch the true fireworks go off. My prediction for who will be the next to go? Bonnie.


Doralong said...

Julia has the heart.. and for food to really be what it should- the chef has to have heart. As an admitted food snob, I have to say, I've been rooting for her from the get-go.

But at that level, there are fundamentals that you just have to know, plain and simple. I hope some good soul takes her under their wing and gives her the training.. Humm, perhaps I can persuade the sister?

ArtfulSub said...


Good for you! I don't watch this silly show because Kyle XY is on Mondays here but...

Managing a Waffle House/Perkins/Cracker Barrel/Etc... isn't as easy as some people think.

Most Cracker Barrel Managers could survive a gig as a line-cook at a Manhattan Tapas Joint.

Can you seriously imagine ILAN HALL in charge of 50 employees during the Breakfast Rush at a 300 seat Cracker Barrel?

CheesesteakDude said...

I'm also a huge fan of Julia's. IMO, she's the most likable contestant in the three seasons of the show.

I still think Rock will end up winning it all, though.

Lori said...

I love Julia! The other contestants keep saying she can't cook and then she out-cooks them, every time. And she's just nice! And grown up! (So refreshing on reality tv...)