Dec 13, 2006

Top Chef 2: Saint Mia

Everything that Mia suggested for catering a Hollywood cocktail partywas pretty well shot down by her team.

Shame on you Cliff for grandstanding and not listening to a voice of reason. Mia had experience catering, and her reputation was on the line. Shame on you for placing Mia and Elia in such a precarious position that Mia felt she had to make a sacrifical choice at the end. You had immunity. You threw Mia under the bus! You could have kept your big *F--K*n mouth shut!

Granted Mia was missing her family. Granted she felt stymied at every turn by Elia and Cliff. And she received very little support or help from Mikey.

My heart churned when she said to the judges (and I quote from memory, so I may be wrong in the particulars), "I’ve fought many battles. I'm the only one of my family to make anything of myself. If I go home tonight I'll make my family proud. I will pack my knives and go. Elia deserves to be here."

After the judges accepted her position, she explained to the other astounded chefs, "I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. I have a successful restaurant, I have a family. Like Cliff said, send my *BL---K* ass home. "

What a riveting show. The way this episode developed, we knew this ending was coming, but my heart kept screaming, "No, No!"

Good luck, Mia. You deserve all the good things that life brings your way.


thief_catcher said...

I couldn't have said it better myself - cliff, tom...... tom, cliff...... no matter the order - the immunity - that one is not a competitor - these are the ones who should have "packed their knives"

Anonymous said...

found you from the other "top chef" blog - very nice, thoughtful post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I keep on seeing people assume that she was just selfish all along and this was just a front, but I'm glad that someone else thought that she was very genuine. Best of luck to Mia.

Anonymous said...

Although I wasn't a big Mia fan, sacrificing herself for Elia seemed admirable and brought me to tears at her selflessness. Unfortunately, Mia didn't see that Elia was NOT worth saving and NOT Top Chef material, especially because Elia, with the help of Cliff, shut off her good ideas and input at every turn. That is not someone I would sacrifice myself for. Just let Mia prepare her ideas. If they didn't work out she'd have owned it, and there would have been MORE FOOD!! Elia has talent maybe, but TC leadership no way!! We all know Elia doesn't like help or input. And Cliff throwing Mia under the bus when all she did was try to speak her mind. An obvious vindictive choice. That had to have been her last straw. His "bus issue" to choose Mia was strictly personal, not based on the reality of the famine display of the Elia led challenge. He had to have known that Elia's controlling last minute execution of the small seafood menu was a sure diaster. I could even see that one coming. Cliff grandstanding for sure. And I liked Cliff. I hope TC finds a way to invite Mia back. So far Ilan seems to be the only one left with talent and character.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ilan!!!!!! :)
--Anon from first post above