Dec 2, 2006

Mark Your Calendar: Sinterklaas is Coming!

I'm counting the days!

Sinterklaas and Swarte Piet are arriving in the Netherlands from Spain on December 5th. Visions of taai taai, speculaas, marzipan, and chocolate letters are already dancing in my little Dutch head.

The question is, of course, have I been a good girl and will I be judged as such? Only time will tell. The eve before December 5th I shall fill my wooden shoe with straw and a lump of sugar, and place it with a bowl of water by the fireplace for Sinterklaas' white steed. If I've been bad, Swarte Piet will leave me a lump of coal or a switch the following morning.

But if I've been good, well, these are the sweets that await me. My mouth is watering already, because as we all know naughty doesn't necessarily exclude nice.


Speculaas (Buttery spice almond cookies)

Chocolate Letter

Taai Taai (Tough Tough- chewy and spicy) & Peper Noten (ginger snaps)

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