Dec 7, 2006

Closet Musings: Doncaster's Last Sample Sale

I wore my new Doncaster outfit today, which I bought at 60% off. The belt alone retailed for half a week's salary.

My elegant friend Marcie sells these clothes as a sideline. She is a walking Doncaster catalogue and always looks impeccable and beautiful. I've been purchasing an investment item here and there, but last night I went nuts as this was the last privately held sample sale. From now on, all the samples will be sold in Doncaster's flagship store in Rutherfordton, S.C. Aaargh! If I want to purchase Doncaster clothing in the future, I will need to go with a troupe of girlfriends to recoup the cost of travel and sacrifice a weekend for the journey. Marcie suggested that I consider purchasing the outfits at retail price in the future. Ha. Ha ha ha ha. Tee hee hee. That was the funniest joke I heard in years.

Had I bought last night's outfits at retail, I would have shelled out close to 5% of my salary. Well, dahlings, I'm a single girl who has a two story house to heat, and something tells me it's going to be a cold, cold winter. So there ain't no way I can afford those prices.

This was a special situation, however. In reaction to the sale, which was to be the last offered by my friend, I stashed up on some Doncaster classics: a skirt trimmed with silk piping, tweed pants, boiled wool jacket, sweater set, two silk shells, and a stunning outrageous leather belt studded with rhinestones. I wore this jacket today (with longer pants and a vee-neck shell.) It's not haute couture, but it flattered my figure. And for a luncheon with co-workers it was spot on.
I mix and match these pieces with other items in my closet. I prefer a less conservative look than Doncaster, so I add some dash and spice with accessories, colorful shells, and diva shoes.
To peek at the Doncaster line for the fall and winter season, click here.


jinxy said...

You are very lucky to have a friend with "the hookup."

I used to live directly across the street from the Hermes and Louis Vuitton stores, and I could look out my window first thing in the morning to see if they had any sale signs put out, but that was as close as I got. LOL

No, seriously, the manager of the Hermes store had a child in the same playgroup as mine and she would share the wealth with promo goods and let me know about the upcoming sample sales and so forth, and I was on a mailing list.

But now I'm divorced and I moved away and I have no money. So I just have to "make it work"

Ms. Place said...

Oh, you lucky thing. To have had access for even a few years! Those Hermes scarves last forever.

Yes, I am lucky. Alas. The connection is gone. I wore another new outfit at a Christmas gathering last night. My friends actually thought I lost weight.

Those darling Doncaster designers have anticipated our every figure flaw.