Dec 28, 2006

Project Runway One: Going Postal

I still have Christmas on my brain, especially White Christmas as described by Project Gay. I couldn't help but notice in episode eight of PR One how much our 21st century gay boys, Jay and Austin, resembled that quintessential 1950's gay couple, Danny and Bing. Well, perhaps not so much in looks as in flavor.

And have you noticed how much Danny Kaye enjoyed his more unique movie roles? Here's a photo that, well, er, illustrates my point.

Doesn't Austin make a divine model? I'm so jealous. His waist is much thinner than mine.

And how cute is the photo below?

While I thought Kara Saun's outfit was superb, my heart voted for Jay's. He showed grace under pressure and immense creativity by asking Austin to stand in for his absentee model. And wasn't it cool for Austin to volunteer to do double duty during this challenge? It goes to show how superior Project Runway One was over seasons two and three. At this point in the series I rooted for Austin and Jay to finish all the way through to the end.

Oh, how I love this dynamic duo.

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