Dec 2, 2006

In honor of Sinterklaas on December 5th

Speculaas Recipe
Buttery Almond Cookies
From Maison Dore Trifles

"Like marzipan, speculaas (or speculaasjes as the individual cookies are called) is a cookie highly connected with the feast of Sinterklaas in Holland. The name speculaas has to do with the wooden molds the cookies are made in (we call it a speculaasplank, speculaas comes from the word speculum (mirror). One of the more famous shapes is a windmill of course!" For the recipe, click here.

Note: Conversions for the European measuring system are explained in the comment section of Maison Dore Trifles.


Java Junkie said...

Dear Ms. Place,

Were you reading my mind?

I was assembling my holiday baking list, and decided to click back here to see if I could persuade you to give up your speculaas recipe...and here one was waiting for me!!

A bazillion years ago, when I was a child, and dinosaurs roamed the earth, we would receive a box of those cookies (in the shape of Sinterklaas!)along with other
"sweeties" from a relative in Amsterdam. I believe they were homemade, and I know they were delicious! That relative has long since passed, but the memory of those cookies remains!

Thanks...can't wait to try them!!

Ms. Place said...

I am honored. Just be aware that this is not MY recipe. Mine is not as delicious as this one, which is as good as anything I've tasted.