Dec 16, 2006

Holiday Photos

I took these photos on Monument Avenue the other night as I drove home from work. They're not the best shots, but they give you an idea of how lavishly these Richmond houses are decorated during the season, many by professional designers. Each year the displays seem to get more spectacular as more home owners along this stately thoroughfare get in on the act.

The last small photo is out of focus but it typifies how elaborate the light displays have become. I could not keep my hand steady enough, though this gives you some idea.

This print by local artist John Barber depicts the east side of Monument Avenue.


The Big Shamu said...

Is this the lovely Richmond Virginia?

Ms. Place said...

Yes, my dear TC friend. Our capital city's shining jewel is Monument Avenue, sprinkled with civil war monuments and statues of General Lee and Jeb Stuart!