Dec 15, 2006

Project Runway One: Et Tu, Brute?

Judges: Before we decide who's auf'd in this challenge about clothing in 2055, we'd like to ask Wendy about Kevin's performance.

Wendy: Why thank you for thinking so highly of me. But I'm a bit reluctant to give my opinion about my fellow designers seeing as how I have to live and work alongside them. And Kara HAS been helping me with my hair and makeup.

Judges: You look spectacular as always. Now tell us what you really think or we'll auf you right now.

Wendy: Since you want my sincere opinion about these yahoos, here's what I said earlier. Click here.

Judges: Well, Wendy, that was enlightening. We suspect that your relationship with your cohort might change a wee bit from now on. Tell us a bit about Kevin's performance as a leader.

Wendy: Only because you asked, as I'd never, ever betray a fellow designer, here's what I think: Click here.

Judges: Thank you, Wendy, for sparking this spirited discussion among your fellow designers. Considering the catfight that will ensue, we wish we could give you a different room at Atlas and space to work in at Parson's, but our cheap producers haven't budgeted for such a contingency. Have no fear. You've only a few more challenges to go. We wish you luck in the next few weeks.

Wendy: All I ever wanted was to survive long enough to be in the top three. Having just torpedoed Kevin and knowing that Robert is merely coasting along, my only REAL competitors are Jay, Austin, and Kara Saun. So thanks for considering my welfare.

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