Dec 16, 2006

Project Runway One: Kevin Johnns Performance Evaluation

Note: Our evaluation, using the categories below, addresses five crucial performance levels of Kevin Johnns as team leader for the Designing for the Future-The Year 2055 competition. As leader, Kevin is responsible for the whole look of the collection. At the end of this document the judges will determine if Kevin Johnn’s abilities qualify him for a promotion or dismissal.

The categories are:
Five Pods - Extraordinary achiever
Four Pods - High Achiever
Three Pods - Achiever
Two Pods - Fair Performer
One Pod - Unsatisfatory Performer

Pod: (Outerwear, the common denominator, the one thing that will hold us together as a group)

Achievement , planned objectives, and problem solving:
The objectives as planned were never achieved. The group, running out of time, nixed the idea of creating a pod - the common denominator that would hold the group together. "We have colloration," said Kevin, adding, "We’re really running out of time, so we’re working on our personal looks." For panicking under pressure and finishing only 2/3 of the planned assignment, Kevin rates Two Pods in this category.

Attitude, cooperation, and collaboration:
When chosen, Kevin muttered under his breath, "Lucky me I got chosen as team leader." We heard a hint of sarcasm in that remark. and noted Kevin's reluctance to don the leadership mantle. On the plus side, Kevin was all about cooperation and collaboration as long as he didn’t do the work himself. Seizing all opportunities to collaborate he said, "Kara Saun and I are making decisions together." For his cleverness in delegating responsibility to his fellow designers, which allowed them to strategically plan without him, we give Kevin Four Pods.
Personal Leadership and Supervisory Ability:
Kevin demonstrated an unusual ability to leave his fellow designers alone for great gobs of time so that they could plan behind his back. He cleverly allowed Kara Saun, his second in command, to take the lead in all important matters. Not one to be put auf by a challenge, she happily took over. When we asked Kevin to assess his own performance, he said, "They ask almost too many questions and I’m concerned about my own work. Being team leader is taking 20% of my time away from designing my own masterpiece." Kara Saun interjected, "While Kevin did listen to us, the part of being a great leader is that as a great leader you never let someone come in and take control." For allowing someone else to take over his job, Kevin rates 0 Pods.

Communication Skills:
During his self-assessment, Kevin said about his own performance, "I did go around to individual designers and did make a comment here and there." When asked by the judges to assess Kevin, Austin said, "I would have to say he’s not the best communicator, but in this case he’s trying his best." For that lukewarm endorsement, we give Kevin One Pod.

Creativity, and Quality and Quantity of Work:
Tim, upon entering the workroom exclaimed, "Ayeee, my brain is bleeding. Kevin, yours looks the most separate from the group. It stands out! "Yeah, well, I had 20% less time to complete my outfit," said Kevin. To which Tim replied, "But It’s polished and finished, not deconstructed like the rest. How did you manage that?." The judges also noticed that Kevin’s outfit was the most separate from the group. For encouraging the others to seek out their creative selves, but for poor group cohesiveness, Kevin rates Two Pods.

Final evaluation from the judges:

"Kevin, your leadership skills are sorely lacking and your outfit is the worst of the lot. You'll have to pack up your knives and go. Oh, sorry, wrong show. Do you have anything to add before we auf you?"

"Yes," Kevin said (and I quote verbatum), "What Wendy said about me was a complete surprise. It was the completest scam. It doesn’t pay to be nice, I tell you. She’s a backstabbing Bitch!"

"Well, Kevin, that's putting the blame squarely on someone else's shoulders. We DID ask for her opinion, which put her on the spot. For not owning up to your lack of leadership skills and for designing an outfit that didn't even fit your team's design criteria, you're auf'd!

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