Dec 19, 2006

Tara Survives another day

Tara has been given as second chance as the reigning Miss USA. Wasn't the Donald cagy for squeezing every drop out of this wet publicity towel? And look how the media fell for it!


eric3000 said...

That whole pageant is such a scam! There is no way Tara would have made it to fourth place unless it had been rigged. And what a coincidence that she got to wear a hideous dress from an NBC partner program. And now Tara's in a "treatment program" because she went to a bar. Please! Donald Trump can bite me.

Anonymous said...

Such drama and for what? The Donald is laughing all the way to the bank with this scam. In we have to suffer through watching another celebrity cry and apologize on t.v.

Anonymous said...

I hate Trump for ruining this poor girl's Christmas.

I really do.

What a cad.

-- desertwind

BigAssBelle said...

Oh Eric is much too harsh on that glam confection of Kaynebow's. I still LOVE. THAT. DRESS.

But I do agree, Donald Trump, what a twit.

Yea for Tara, I guess. I was kind of hoping she be the next good girl gone bad megastar. She's lovely. Now what about that right tit?

Lisette said...

But I don't understand how she had a conversation with him if her mouth was full?

Oh, yes I did!

Ms. Place said...

Oh, Lisette. You are naughty!