Dec 13, 2006

My Miracle Exercise Machine

At this time of year it's even more important that I maintain my exercise regimen.I've attended three holiday parties in the past week; and am staring at three more this weekend. Having just lost two dress sizes, I am even more challenged to prevent weight creep from inching back up.

But have no fear, gentle reader. I finally found the perfect exercise machine - a tiny gizmo really - with an engine that won't quit. It does require frequent maintenance and upkeep, but the rewards outstrip this minor inconvenience. And even more important to my little Dutch heart, I got it at a bargain!

I walk three miles per day with my machine, though I exercise in increments (yes it works!) My longest walk is a mile and a half in the morning before work. Then I walk just after work, and twice more before going to bed, depending on the weather.

My little gizmo urges me to go fast downhill and uphill, providing me with a cardiac workout. Since June, my ass has disappeared and my legs have become rock hard. It provides weight resistance as I walk. The important thing to remember is to alternate arms, so that both get an equal work out.

My gizmo is also a waist reducer and muscle stretcher. During my walk I bend and twist at regular intervals. And what's even more remarkable, while I'm exercising it doesn't feel like I'm exercising at all! My Ipod provides endless entertainment, the beautiful outdoors beckons me (I live near a river), and my little gizmo just keeps prodding me on.

What is this miracle machine? Well, it listed for $0 dollars (because it was used) and it's quite portable. After servicing it for around $250, it worked like new. Here is a photo:

His name is Cody and he is 23 lbs. of terrier-schnauzer trouble. He's a Tauzer or a Schnerrier, I haven't decided which. The important thing about exercising with Cody is this: I must keep him untrained. His exuberant love for chasing all things squirrel and chipmunk and cat, and the fact that he's got boundless energy are what's keeping me fit. Consider this:
  • Every time he pulls on his leash, my arm muscles feel resistance. Tugging on his leash increases that resistance.
  • Every time he pulls on his leash to go downhill, I must follow him, sometimes at a running pace.
  • Every time he winds the leash around a bush or tries to follow a cat into a culvert, I must bend and twist.
  • Every time he does his #2 business on someone's lawn, I must bend over to take care of the, er, problem, and
  • Every time he breaks from his leash (which has happened on two occasions) I must run the 4-minute mile to catch up with him.
Where can you get a similar exercise gizmo? I found mine at But I got my first little gizmo (Barney) at the SPCA. Both models came with a lifetime guarantee of love and friendship. It's a win-win situation if ever there was one.


Gaylen said...

What a beautiful post. You are so right about the dogs being the perfect miracle exercise machine. I so need to get back outside with mine - thanks for the reminder. g

Ms. Place said...

Oh, what a wonderful picture and beautiful dog! Thanks for your comment.