Dec 8, 2006

Coming this Weekend

Bravo’s Bikini Beach Blanket Bingo Party Revue:

Gidget, Marianne, Ginger, Frankie, Annette, and the Big Kahuna have already r.s.v.p.'d and plan to attend.

Stay tuned to this dial, beach combers, for the full flavorful reports on the latest episodes of:

Top Chef 2: Beach Barbeque Splish Splash

Project Runway One: Bikini Orgy Under a Moon Doggie Sky


BigAssBelle said...

oh my gawd!!!! i'd forgotten what they look like. wow, what a crew. i remember thinking those ginger was the ultimate in glam fabulosity ;-)

Ms. Place said...

Ginger had a way of wrinkling her nostrils, didn't she? I just love the whole outrageousness of this show.