Dec 16, 2006

Eye Candy

I am a fan of all things Jane Austen. Some people might even accuse me of being a Janeite. The Jane Austen hero that comes primarily to my mind when I think of her novels is that model of restraint and repression: Fitzwilliam Darcy. And the actor I most associate with him is Colin Firth. In fact I like Colin in almost every movie he's acted in. Click here for a vast index of articles about him.

Some women of my acquaintance prefer Matthew McFadyen in the role. His younger much rougher features lend his Darcy a distinctive more modern dimension. For my part, I'll take Fitzwilliam any way I can get him.

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Lisette said...

I'll take Colin Firth anyway I can get him! The Importance of Being Earnest- Lovely! I'll even sit through Renee Zellweger's hideous attempt at English just to watch him look kindly at her. Eye Candy is so good for the diet!

eric3000 said...

I preferred Colin as Mr. Darcy. But I liked almost everything about that adaptation better than the most recent movie. Except for Simon Woods as my favorite, Mr. Bingley. Wow, he was adorable!

Ms. Place said...

Eric, we have the same tastes in men and movies! When I saw the newer adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, it simply did not live up to my ( and my group's) expectations. Simon Woods was perfect for the role of Bingley. Handsome and affable.

Thanks for giving me another Eye Candy candidate.

eric3000 said...

Oh, yes, please; I'd love to see more pictures of Simon Woods!