Dec 22, 2006

Time Out

Baby Hedgehogs

All together now, Ahwww!

Baby hedgehogs are born with quills that lie below the surface of their skin. They travel safely through the birth canal without injuring their mama. After only a few hours, the quills pop through the skin!

It's been a horrible fall for baby hedgehogs in England. Prolonged warm weather this fall spurred their mommies and daddies to procreate one more time. These late litters had scant time to acquire the layers of fat needed to survive the winter, so they are facing a harsh time. Country folks have been asked to help out the tiny hoglets by taking them in when they find them and feeding them.

Click here to see photos of African pygmy hedgehogs.


eric3000 said...

OH! MY! GOD! Where can I get one?!

chef biatch said...

Too Freakin Cute!

Hey Ms. Place, could you contact me at

Didnt see a way to contact you. If I missed it, duh me.

chef biatch