Dec 11, 2006

Eye Candy

Ioan Gruffuds: A Welsh man with a Welsh accent and a name that conjures up ancient lands and distant Celtic times. Pronounced "Yo-wahn Griffith," Ioan looks as yummy as his name sounds.

Rrrrrougggh. Not classically handsome, but sinewy. Intelligent. And so sexy ... that I keep looking at his large hands, wondering if the old wife's tale is true in this instance. (One can only dream.)

Dahlings, have you seen him kiss a woman? So tenderly. And those lips. Well, I wax nostalgic. You see him in this scene as Lancelot in King Arthur with Keira Knightly and my other Eye Candy candidate, the rough, ugly/handsome Clive Owen.

This man was MADE to act the hero in costume dramas. Oh, yes, and he has a long career ahead of him. Not as a leading man, perhaps, but as an actor Ms. Place intends to follow with keen interest.

I first saw him as Horatio Hornblower in the series that has been discontinued by A&E. Such a hero. So stoic. I totally believed him.

Then I saw him play the young officer on Titanic who saved Kate Winslet from freezing. It was a small role, but one that lingered in my mind. He was the perfect man to play the young hero who returned to rescue the few survivors in the water. Of his experience he says, "I was lucky because I didn't have to spend hours in freezing water. There weren't many people my age on set, so Kate, Leo and I hung out together. We would pile into Leo's dressing room, which was full of PlayStations, mini basketball hoops and the like." Oooh, Mr.Gruffud, you are my youngest Eye Candy to date.

In addition to playing Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards in The Fantastic Four, he next played the young architect in The Forsythe Saga who wooed Irene and won her - despite the fact that she had a jealous and possessive husband.

Dahlings, I might be tempted to give everything up too for a few wonderful, doomed romantic moments with this scrumptious specimen of manhood.


DoraLong said...

I also fell for this darling watching the very first episode of Horatio Hornblower. Whenever it re-runs my daughter is known to yell "Behold! The undeniable hotness!" Smart girl, that one..

Lisette said...

Mmm, Christmas candy! of the chewy nougat type

eric3000 said...

Oh, I fell in love with him in the first Horatio Hornblower series, watched him grow into his nose in the second series, drooled over him in the Forsyte Saga, and even sat through two episodes of the worst futuristic legal show on television. He is so hot! I really wish he could also act. Oh well.

Ms. Place said...

"watched him grow into his nose in the second series"

Funny as always Eric.

And doralong and lisette: yes undeniable hot Christmas Candy. Yummm

Still Standing said...

Gorgeous man. He was great in the Forsyth Saga.

JavaJunkie said...

He looks tastier than a dark chocolate amaretto truffle, Ms. Place (and that's mighty high praise!)