Dec 4, 2006

Is Naughty Nice?

Lieve Sinterklaas,

Tomorrow is December 5th! You and Swarte Piet will be arriving in Nederland, fresh off the boat from Spain. We will all be standing by the wharf to greet you, waving our little red,white, and blue Dutch flags.
You intend to judge us, giving gifts to good children, and switches to the naughty ones. I've already placed my wooden shoe by the fireplace. I've also left a bowl of water for your horse and a few carrots.

However, what's a sweet girl like me to do when her values change as she matures?

I mean, can't one be naughty AND nice at the same time?

Consider my good side:

I give to the poor.
I work for nonprofits.
I am on good terms with every one of my former boyfriends.
I'd still be speaking to my ex if he hadn't married that BITCH!
I have opened my house to two orphans.
I adopted two rescue dogs.

Then consider my naughty side:

I adore scandalous undies and wear them under even the most austere clothes. (Britney Spears take a leaf from my book. Stop showing your pun tang to the paparazzi! It's so unbecoming. Men like a little mystery now and then.)

I order sticky balls at my favorite sushi bar.
I always check to see if a man prefers to dress left or right.
I appreciate a good roll in the hay.
and I adore those darling toy stores on Bourbon Street, NOLA, U.S.A.

(Dahlings, this is not me. Just another naughty Dutch girl on the Internet.)

I leave you with the immortal words of Audrey Hepburn (another Dutch girl) as Eliza Doolittle: "I am a good girl, I am!"

So please, Sinterklaas, leave me some goodies tomorrow. I'm starving for the attentions of a man.


jinxy said...

LOL I love this post. My little girl is 4 and she can't quite understand why we leave our shoes out on the 5th when everyone else just leaves stockings out on the 24th.

I tell her that's the beauty of being multicultural, you get to cash in on more than one tradition. Because she was born in Luxembourg, and we adopted the Luxemborgesh name, it is Klees'chen and not Sinterklaas. But it's the same dude, different dialect.

All I knows is I'm getting some chocolate tonight!!

I may not have been "nice" but I sure made it look "nice" being naughty!!!

ms. place said...

How delightful that your daughter gets to celebrate this tradition! There were quite a few Sinterklaas parties in the U.S. this weekend, I'm willing to bet.

Did she receive some yummy Dutch goodies? Did you?

jinxy said...

Oh yeah, I made her go to bed early so I could get to baking and not be up all night. I made a whole bunch of sugar cookies. I know sugar cookies aren't traditional but I hate the spiced cookies, and so does she. So we MODIFY!!

She is loving this though. The other kids in her class are so jealous because she gets presents early, and Santa Claus STILL comes to see her.