Dec 7, 2006

Oh, Oscar, How Could You?

Is it not a designer's responsibility, Mr. Oscar De La Renta, to make the First Lady look stunning and stand out from the crowd? Would it not be your first priority to ensure that the gown she wore for the 2006 Kennedy Center Honors was not duplicated by others? Cripes, Oscar, that darned dress cost $8,500. Not a small sum! You might have thought of refusing to sell similar gowns in similar colors until she's had her big night.

Granted that she looked so much better than her competition. (Laura, darling, your exercise regimen and diet are working. You look stunning, girlfriend. Now pay attention to that cowboy husband of yours and beat some sense into him.)

Here's a view of Laura, her hubby, and honorees.

I don't know who these three upstarts are, but Laura owned that gown! (A tad too matronly to my way of thinking, but then Laura has an image to maintain.) Yes, gentle reader, though ladies one and two are not related, they managed to choose the same hairdo as well!

Laura laughed the incident off and changed into a black gown for the rest of the evening.

Wonder what the other three ladies did.


marinamode said...
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Ms. Place said...

Sorry, commentator. I allow only one advertisement per person on my blog and you just exceeded my limit.

eric3000 said...

OMG, were they really all at the same event?! That's shocking!

Ms. Place said...

Yes, indeed. Scary, huh?

BigAssBelle said...

good lord, did she really change clothes? for a minute, i thought that was Hillary ~ wouldn't that be a hoot!!

for $8500 you'd think she could get some upstart designer to make her something fabulous and one of a kind.

she changed clothes? that seems even more humiliating somehow. not that i mind the humiliation of anyone named bush ;-)

Ms. Place said...

She really changed clothes. The black dress was pretty, but you'd think Oscar would have had a contingency plan.

The dress is on this year's Christmas card.