Aug 2, 2007

Which Rocco do you prefer?

Brunette (old Rocco)

Redhead (new Rocco)

No head (my bad)

Seems a lot of us have the same idea. Charlus at Amuse Biatch pointed to a distinct resemblance between Rocco and a certain gentleman who was married to Liza Minelli. This was first mentioned by my hero of snark, Anthony B. Ha! And my friends over at Blogging Top Chef are running a Rocco Poll. Real or fake? You tell them.


becca said...

I vote for Rocco's mother.

BML said...

oooh...number 1 - old Rocco!

frogboots said...

new rocco's face seems to have been made of sweaty silly-putty.

never a super-studly man in my book, he now borders on the grotesque.

and the hair color? ugh!

Anonymous said...

actually it was a really catty anthony bourdain who made the initial comparison.

Ms. Place said...

Correction made, anon.