Aug 5, 2007

Top Chef 3: To Bee or Not to Bee

Our cheftestants were asked to look at a food or taste it for the Quickfire Challenge. How tough could this challenge bee? You bee the judge (along with Rocco and Padma, of course.)

Howie: Tastes like, mmm. Hunts Tomato Paste!
Rocco: Gawd that must have been hard. I feel for you bro. You move on.

Joey: Looks like yuck!
Rocco: No, Yucca
Joey: Up yours A*Hole!
Rocco: It’s still Yucca, loser. Auf!

Dale: Tastes ah, uh, mmmm, shit, I dunno know.
Rocco: No, taro root, you scatological fool. Begone.
CJ: Achoo! Daikon radish sprouts
Rocco: We have to take your first word. You’re out!
CJ: I sneezed, A*Hole!
Rocco: Tough, beanpole.

Hung: Oats, neigh?
Rocco: Yes, but you shoulda mentioned Quaker Oats. Never forget product placement.

Tre: Helen Mirren
Rocco: No, mirin. Outa here.
Tre: A*Hole

Casey: I taste fishpaste! Gagmewithdoggiedoocatpisscowurinecoyotebile Ewww!
Rocco: You go girl.
Hung: I need only to look. Let me see.
Padma: Taste it Hung!
Hung: Looks like tiny seeds.
Padma: Taste it A*Hole!
Hung: Looks like anise seeds
Rocco: Wrong, celery seed! Scram.
Hung: A*Hole!
Brian: Miso pretty.
Rocco: Wronggg! You’re out.

Rocco: Casey, sweetie, what are these Italiany ribony thingies?
Casey: Bowtie pasta?
Rocco: So right! You must not be a smoker.

Howie: (Whining voice) Casey gets all the easy choices!
Rocco: Then identify this, A*Hole
Howie: (Sweating) Cheese slicer? (Whew, that was hard.)

Rocco: Girlfriend, steel yourself. What’s this?
Casey: Chayote
Rocco: Willya marry me?
Casey: No way! Eww!
Brian: Are we the last two standing? (Looks at some balls on a plate.) Uh, Looks unfamiliar. Let me guess.
Rocco: Wrong. Thai Eggplant, A*Hole
Brian: Called you A*Hole first, A*Hole

Rocco: Ok, Casey, dahling. take your time. Taste this!
Casey: Roasted red bell peppers!
Rocco: Will you bear my children?

Casey: (Thinking about the carrot topped result) Ewww! Just give me my immunity and let me outa here!


kbryna said... that carrot-top-ish THING?!

(seriously, when did that happen? i have been out of the carrot-top loop).

the cheese slicer? BOW TIE PASTA? i groaned at those - not fair, truly.

but casey impressed me. for once.

BigAssBelle said...

eeewwwwwww, that carroty thing. yikes! where did you find that photo, woman??

Marius said...

LOL. I love this post! It was funny to watch Rocco's reaction to Casey's victory. He was really impressed with this lovely Texan. I actually felt the same way. It was such a pleasant surprise. I mean, you know how much I want a woman to win. Casey's quickfire win was like music to my ears.

Limecrete said...

That was a fun challenge, especially watching Hung's ego get popped yet again.