Aug 29, 2007

No Top Chef 3 Tonight, What'll We Do?

1. Review my Top Chef 3 posts again looking for hidden signs.

2. Bet on whether Brian will ever cook anything other than seafood.

3. Help C.J. look for leadership skills.

4. Give Casey lessons on Cooking Basics 101.

5. Take Dale to Tim Gunn for a makeover.

6. Help Hung train his monkey.

7. Let Howie simmer in his own stew.

8. Give Sara free reign in the kitchen.

9. Thank Anthony Bourdain for his snarky, insightful blogs.

10. Wish we'd see more of Gail.


ArtfulSub said...

I went the "search internet for nekkid padma pics" myself. Found some too!

Is there a word/name for folks like Dale in the gay community? Rebels who really don't care about slim, fashionable, trendy etc..?

Marius said...

LOL. I love this list. I can help you train Hung's monkey. I like monkeys. And, yes, we need to see more of Gail. I like her a lot. Of course, I still love Ted, but Gail also has a place in my heart.

Art, yeah, Dale certainly doesn't care about being fashionable or trendy. I guess he could be considered a rebel in the gay community. However, I suspect he represents the average gay man in this country.

becca said...

Is anyone else tired of all the reruns?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Very good, hun.