Aug 14, 2007

Jeff Flipping Out at Defcon 5

Dear Jeff,

As I enter your Las Palmas house, my spirit feels the growth of your money; rub some holy water over your dollar bills and the front door handle. Sprinkle the water over potential buyers as they enter your house and embolden them to drop their wallets in the entryway as they pass through.

May pruned olive trees sprout branches overnight...

... your appointments be kept in the order you arranged them.

... your curbs remain red.

And may you sell your house before Carey's, or may you learn to lose graciously, or may he find you a paper bag to breathe in when he wins hands down.
Love, your new psychic

Candles from Target. Priceless.


Marius said...

This show is so addictive. I swear, they made it just for me. I loved this episode.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Ah the occupational dilemna's of a psychic. Tell them what they want to hear or tell them what they want to hear cleverly. Will the fired mystic be able to collect unemployment?

BigAssBelle said...

this is one i really, really, really considered adding. maybe i'll catch it on reruns.