Aug 31, 2007

Copy Cat Bloggers

I've had this conversation with a few fellow bloggers. Every once in a while we may borrow an idea or picture or two from some blogger and use these on a post. Usually we admit the 'pilfering' by courteously emailing the pilfered and thanking them for their contribution. Done with a touch of humility and bragadacio, we are able to spark the admiration and gratitude of said pilferee. In fact, quite often I'll just write a post called "Seen on the Blogosphere" and let other bloggers do my entertaining for me.

But what can one do when one's blog has been copied? Not word for word, perhaps. But what if one strolls through the blogosphere to find a newly minted blog that looks and feels like yours, from the choice of template right down to the subject matter, add ons, site meters, and blog rolls you are using?

I was quite flattered at first. Now I am becoming stinking mad. It has taken a year of hard work to find my voice and audience (no, I am not talking about this blog). Reluctantly I will be transferring my other blog to a new look and format. This will be an enormous undertaking, as I will have to migrate nearly 300 posts and approximately 500 researched links one at a time to a new platform. I also risk losing my audience, since my old blog sits on Google's first or second search page. My new blog's URL will not enjoy such a prominent placement for a long while.

So, for you copy cats out there - stop leeching off other people's ideas. You may be within the boundaries of copyright laws, but you're still sucking us original and creative people dry.

Leave us alone already!


Linda Merrill said...

I agree! I had a similar experience with my Travel Tuesday posts. It's not a one-of-a-kind concept - lots of design blogs showcase hotels. But suddenly, right after I debuted my series, another design blog - which shall remain nameless, started profiling hotels, on Tuesdays. And, profiled some of the same hotels! It went on for several weeks. They finally stopped, but jeez! Be a little creative and come up with your own ideas.

I'm sorry you have to do all that work to migrate your Jane Austen blog - not fair to you at all!

Ms. Place said...

Thank you, dahling. I knew you would understand. Ah, I feel better already.

Marius said...

Copy cats must be stopped. I've even read cases of bloggers who steal entire posts. That's lazy and unethical. Also, if you're going to use another blogger's idea, you should at the very least give credit where credit is due.

Transfering all your posts to a new blog sounds like a major undertaking. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Also, those copy cats may use the same template, steal ideas, blog about similar issues, but they can never truly copy what makes you and your blogs so wonderful and effective. Sure, they can copy an idea or even a few posts, but your versatility and creativity can never be imitated.

Ms. Place said...

Marius, your words act like a soothing tonic. Thank you.

jinxy said...

Marius is right. People who copy posts aren't using their own voice. It's sad really. I say that because for me blogging is so rewarding for the fact that I now have a place to really express my ideas to those that can understand them, and get feedback on them.

I know my work isn't high literature or cutting-edge reporting (I have a pic of an old man wearing only a Wal-Mart bag on my blog for pete's sakes!) but it is mine. And I take pride in that. Those people can copy posts all they want but they are missing out on the feeling of pride you get when something you thought of has hit a chord with your readers.

Doralong said...

How utterly rude..

But one could consider it a (very) back handed compliment. Some poor hack that wishes they had your creative gift, so hijacked it. Rude nonetheless.

Lucky me, not something I'll ever have to worry about, I merely blather on ;)

cb said...

plagiarizing someone else's BLOG, of all it's the sign of a truly low mind.

the header for the new blog is gorgeous, by the way. alas, I am not an Austen fan (except Northanger Abbey).

i'm sorry you've had to go through all this extra bullsh*t because of some shoddy loser.
but redecorating, even for a blog, can be fun!

BML said...

Sorry to hear about the copy cat blog!

I just visited your Jane Austen blog -- it has a very pretty masthead image!

trixie said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the copy cat. There is no reason why you have to be anonymous. Call them on it. Tell them to stop. Your fans would happily help you as well. The problem is that you don't want to give their site any traffic.

Anonymous said...

Since my rafting plans for today are off, I'm skulking around on the computer, as usual.

I'm sorry to here about your site. What a shame.

But your new one is beautiful. And I loved the piece you had about the pies.

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