Aug 13, 2007

Hell's Kitchen Finale?

Update: Well, it was a foregone conclusion. Rock won. Except for his temper, he was the best of the lot. Any other decision for top chef was unacceptable. Congratulations, Maryland chef. Too bad you were preempted in your own cable region for some bogus preseason football competition.

No way I can watch tonight's finale. I'm stuck in Baltimore. A Ravens pre-season football skirmish has pre-empted the final show on the local FOX Channel. I won't find out until 1 a.m. who will win:

Cute Bonnie-who-should-not-be-in-the-finale-no-matter
how-hard-Ramsay-tries-to-defend-his-STUPID-decision (he claims she has a great palate),
or Rock, who should have competed against Jen.

My prediction? For the sake of the longevity of this show - Rock. I'll stay up late to find out who won. But Growwwllll. Football in August? Sacrilege.

Here are some video outtakes of tonight's show.


Infinitesimal said...

you just know ramsey is boinking bonnie....

you just know it.

Big Fella said...

No, no, no, infinitesimal, the contest ruless clearly state that Ramsey has to boink the winner.