Aug 22, 2007

Would Anthony Bourdain Wear Crocs or Flip His Wind Up Doll?

I think not. But Mario Batali would. Oh, dear.

Thank you for this image, Manolo's Shoe Blog.Here's a photo of Food Flippin' Mario. It's a toy, dahlings, but who would purchase such a ghastly thing?

And here is my other take on Mario in my Bitch Slap Fest post earlier this year.


BigAssBelle said...

oh NO!!! a fingerling!!! mario, mario . . . i was completely unaware of mario before this post.

but anthony bourdain! i am increasingly besotted.

jinxy said...

I still love that post to this day. Nothing better than men accusing other men of small penises. As if enough women weren't throwing enough accusations around as it is :)

Big Fella said...

The toy is better looking than the real deal, but Mario can cook.