Aug 27, 2007


What do these cities have to do with me? I've lived in all of them. Enjoy this mute Monday theme!

Baltimore, Maryland

Palmerston North, New Zealand

Den Haag, The Netherlands

Charlottesville, Virginia

Buffalo, New York

Boston, Massachusetts

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Austin, Texas
Athens, Georgia

Richmond, Virginia
Jakarta, Indonesia


Elle Kay said...

Oooh, i like cities. Pretty pictures. Thanks.

Happy MM.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures of The Netherlands. I also love the Austin, Tx picture but perhaps I'm biased as that is one of my favorite cities in my state. ALL of the pictures are wonderful though. Well done, as usual. :D Happy Mute Monday!

cb said...

lucky, lucky duck!

but! i'm from near buffalo myself!
and that snowstorm picture is a sneaky one....throw us poor buffalonians a bone and post a calm shot of downtown on a summer's day.....

Ms. Place said...

Oh, CB, that was sneaky, wasn't it. I have to concede that Buffalo has the best summers, but the last winter I lived there we had to shovel so much snow that it's the only thing I can associate with that fair city.

ArtfulSub said...

Wow, you get around! Great pics. I LOVED the rep of Buffalo!

Happy Mute Monday!

Kiki said...

Here's a bone

Great pics Ms Place!

Bunny said...

You've lived in some interesting cities! Mine are cities I've lived in as well . . . but mine aren't near so cool!

Marvelous Mute Monday!

Dial-Up Princess said...

cool pics...happy mute monday

SeaRabbit said...

Wow! You lived all around the place, lucky you!!!!
I love the house styles in Netherlands... ;-)
Happy Monday!

Joana said...

Those were some beautiful pictures. I liked the one of the Netherlands the best though. :)

Happy MM!

ArtfulSub said...


Hmmmmmmm. Somebody's an Academic of some sort, I'm guessing.

Linda Merrill said...

Hey, I lived outside of Buffalo when I was little, and that photo is basically what I remember of the place! Great photo of Boston, my fair city!

Ms. Place said...

Partially right, Art ... don't forget Boston.

BigAssBelle said...

my goodness, no ugly places ms place?? wow. lucky, lucky you.


Ms. Place said...

I have been extraordinarily lucky in the beautiful spots my parents chose for me, BAB, and the cities I then chose for myself. Now, as to some of my college and post college apartments, ahem.

Melanie said...

Kiki--those are gorgeous photos of Buffalo on your Mute Monday post--the night time shot of Niagara Square was particularly spectacular.

I lived primarily in the Buffalo area until I was 23. Spending time there in summer is wonderful. Winter--not so much.

Hans T said...

Cool jakarta! i was born there. what were you doing out there? also love the netherlands pictures hope to go there someday. which city is your fav?

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