Aug 1, 2007

Boo Hoo Hoo, Joey's Gone From Top Chef 3

"It feels like thunder's coming", thinks a prescient Joey, wondering how much longer he will last in Top Chef 3.

Our Joey was right. Rocco Di Spirito (and the rest of our merry judging gang) booted him for cooking lousy Italian food that had to be frozen then recooked in 10 minutes. Hung, Joey's partner, got, well, hung up in the details. He was unable to convince Joey, who had forgotten to put on his hearing aid, to freeze the pasta and sauce and ingredients in separate packages. The following day our losing team served a sloppy mushy mess and gagged their diners with a spoon.

Joey's reaction to being booted was, er, sad. Embarassing. Awfully wet. Maudlin. You pick the word.

"But I wanted him to send his mother and sister to Italy", said this Italian man. Boo hoo hoo. "Oh, gawd, now you're making me cry too", said another burly viewer.

We all feel for you, dahling. You were so close to receiving the brass ring. In honor of Joey, here is Roy Orbison singing his hit, Crying.

The two winners, Tre and CJ, were too busy hugging and dancing to notice Joey's distress or Roy's music. They've won two tickets a piece to go to Italy, as well as the whole enchilada, strike that, pasta. Congrats you two winners. And stop hugging. This love fest is getting to be embarrassing.

As an aside, there's a lovely discussion going on about Howie on the TC gals site. I, er, might have joined in about four times.


kbryna said...

awww, poor Joey...i felt bad when he bawled like a little girl at the end there.....

but in all honesty, I was surprised to see him go. I guess i wasn't paying careful enough attention to the Bravo Foreshadowing Editing. i thought it would Sara M, who really did not seem to do a whole lot. and who has consistently not done a whole lot.

but yay for Dale! and yay for CJ and Tre, who were practically invisible in the last couple of episodes!

Ms. Place said...

Yeah, I predicted Sara, but the foreshadowing was all for Joey. So sad.

ArtfulSub said...

Fat crybaby wimp deserved to go. So did BOTH Saras.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who wanted to smack CJ across the face for his sarcastic digging at Howie? i'm not a Howie fan but it felt petty and smug...and really not all that surprising given some of his other comments.

Anonymous said...

Howie was sitting there acting like a know it all, snarking at Sara (like her or not) and CJ stirred his pot of stew a bit. I think Howie deserved it and, judging by his repetative response, isn't used to someone calling him on it.

BTW, CJ, if you aren't doing anything with that extra ticket to Italy...give me a call! ;o)

Chef Back Burner

Charlie said...

CJ is the funniest guy on the show and I wish Bravo would highlight him more. I don't think he was digging at Howie at all, I just don't think he takes himself as seriously as Howie does.

Anonymous said...

Joey can take his Northern Aggression back to New York Shitty. Long live Clay, or whatever the Southern boy's name wuz.

Marius said...

I also predicted Sara. Honestly, I'm glad they didn't eliminate her. It was kind of sad to see Joey go, but it had to be done. He's such a cry baby. Oh, and I'm starting to like CJ. So tall! I'm glad he got more air time.

Great post!

BigAssBelle said...

damn, boo hoo hoo, he was a weepy, sobbing boy, wasn't he? i was shrieking "oh no! poor thing, poor thing, poor thing!" but as he continued to sob, my poor things became more faint and finally i was left with the sense that the boy needs some counseling, that he has some unresolved issues related to grief and rejection, and that sort of thing. poor boy.

but yes, it was some crappy food :-)

and howie. damn. i want to hurt that boy. what a bloviating twit.