Aug 18, 2007

Fixing my Blog

Dahlings, several of you have written to tell me that you've been unable to access my blog. First, Mozilla Firefox will always get you here with my sidebar intact, and I highly recommend this FREE browser over Internet Explorer. Second, I am removing the embedded videos and am replacing them with links. Seems that when YouTube traffic is high, my blog slows to a crawl.

Thanks for your patience.


BML said...

I have the same performance issue when YouTube is slow -- it makes my journal load veeeerrrry slowly.

I'm also a fan of Firefox :) And Internet Explorer users should thank Firefox for the latest IE7 improvements. Microsoft had earlier made the decision to not update IE at all -- until Firefox started taking market share -- then they quickly changed their minds!

The Big Shamu said...

Had the same problem with the Bravo preview videos. Banishment!

BigAssBelle said...

don't know what it was, but it's fixed now.