Aug 15, 2007

Top Chef 3:The Quickfire Challenge

This week's quickfire challenge consists of our cheftestants inventing their own gourmet hamburger. They have 1/2 hour in which to accomplish this task. The judge, celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, created the DB Burger, or a ground sirloin with a filling of boned short ribs braised in red wine, foie gras, black truffle and a mirepoix of root vegetables. The homemade bun is topped with toasted parmesan and layered with fresh horseradish mayonnaise, tomato confit, fresh tomato and frisée lettuce.

CJ won the quickfire with a scallop mouse and shrimp burger, which Daniel Boulud described as "beautiful."


frogboots said...

once again, Top Chef refuses to cater to the vegetarians in the house.

i just want one crummy vegetarian challenge! it could be a quickfire, i wouldn't care!

becca said...

That DB burger might be expensive but it looks and sounds awful. I don't get it.

BigAssBelle said...

that was a lot to do in a half hour. . . that lettuce-leaf bun was, um . . . pretty ridiculous.

E.Wurzel said...

Who knew mouse would go so well with scallop and shrimp?