Aug 12, 2007

A Meal Fit For Our Family

Rijsttafel: Indonesian Cuisine is home cooking to my family. We are having a family reunion at my parents' place in Maryland, which means that relatives have flown in from Australia, China, Amsterdam, Curacao, and Miami to celebrate a confluence of important anniversaries and birthdays. As always, we Dutch folk gather our resources to create Mom's version of a home cooked meal: the Rijsttafel. With 20 mouths to feed in the heat of summer, my parents served this beloved food picnic style on the deck. As usual, Mom worried that there would not be enough food to go around. As usual, we are feasting on the delicious leftovers.

Pinda Sauce (Peanut sauce)

Kroepoek (Thick fried shrimp wafers)

Sambal Goering Telor (egg) with Udang (shrimp) at top, Beef Rendag (bottom) and Sambal Badjak and Sambal Oelek (hot spicy sauces in jars)

Curried Chicken
Gado Gado (Green beans, slaw, and cucumbers served with peanut sauce)

Serundeng (Spicy coconut condiment) and toasted peanuts

Chicken satay

Assembled meal without the addition of peanut sauce, sambal, kroepoek or serundeng.


Freddie Sirmans said...
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Els said...

What a great way to have a Dutch family reunion in Maryland with rijsttafel food.
The dishes looks mouth watering, the Indonesian kitchen is one of my favorites and I cook some of those recepies regular, but never made Sambal Goering Telor I need to try that recepy next time.
I was missing the Indonesian spices like sambal , ketjap , sateh marinade the most when I was living in the US.

becca said...

I love satay but never have enough peanut sauce. That meal looks delicious!

Doralong said...


If I make really. really nice with your Mom and promise to do ALL the dishes will she invite me for dinner?

I'll bring stuff, I'll clear the tables- whatever she wants..

jinxy said...

Those shrimp wafers look positively sinful. Who do I contact about adoption papers for your family??

Marius said...

Yes, everything looks delicious. And if you decide to adopt Jinxy, you better make room for another person--i.e., me! LOL