Aug 7, 2007

Hell's Kitchen Tables Turned: Bonnie Metamorphosis

Our Bonnie begins her stint as a Hell's Kitchen chef with optimism

That turns into tears
Then she strengthens
Girding her loins in the embroidered uniform of her trade

Eventually wielding her kitchen knives as deftly as a warrior princess.

Rock began strong and forceful.

Pitching in...

and leading by example...
But then he began to doubt himself

Leading a troupe of yokels, and regretfully choosing blue jeans for his waiters to wear.

While Bonnie confidently chooses traditional garb for her wait staff.

Then seven chefs choose which dish in the challenge cook off is better: Rock's or Bonnie's.

Sean griffin, Anthony Garron, Robin Leach vote for the beauteous Bonnie's shrimp and lobster pasta.

Gerald Chin, Michael Wray, Heather West vote solidly for Rock's fried chicken and crab cakes.

The votes are tied!

Then Chris Fearnon and Bob Finch of Green Valley Resort choose Bonnie's pasta.

But Rock will not be deterred. "I would rather win a service than a challenge," he declared in resounding tones!

So will win? Rock or Bonnie? Tune in next week and find out Fox has dragged this finale into two episodes. The last six chefs cut are chosen to help our chefs. It's an all male team against an all female team. From past experience, the females should win, except that Julia is all teary eyed and not happy to be there. This does not bode well for Bonnie. Then again, who'd have thunk she'd make it this far?

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eric3000 said...

I don't watch this show but I enjoyed the picture of Lenny Henry!