Aug 25, 2007

I'm off to party

It's a birthday bash that will be held outdoors with a younger crowd than I'm accustomed to. It starts at 1:00 p.m and the heat index promises to rise above 100 degrees, so I hope to Gawd they'll serve beer underneath the shade of an oak tree or veranda.

In honor of all that is good about hops and grains, I salute the beer girls, a beer hunk and my favorite frat party song of all time: Beer by Reel Big Fish. Stay cool, dahlings. I intend to. Anyone want to volunteer to be my designated driver? Click here to hear BEER.


BigAssBelle said...

good grief, woman. i'd have to be drunk to go out at noon in 100 degree weather.

though the boy in a skirt . . . pretty cute.

i hope you have fun. i'm still in hibernation for the summer. i did peek my head out yesterday to watch the much needed rain, but i've got another 7-8 days before it's safe to exit my cave.

Linda Merrill said...

love a hunk in a kilt! that would get me outside too - well, maybe not. It's freakin' 100 here too! So hot that the ice cream shops are empty. I bet the beach is too - but I won't even venture there. Happy Party Ms. Place!