Aug 19, 2007

The "W" List: Blogs By Women

A wonderful list of women bloggers is spreading around the blogosphere like wildfire. Linda Merrill from the excellent blog Surroundings has nominated Dishin' Dat (thanks, dahling) for the "W" list. In turn I would like to point out some of my favorites:

Gorgeous Thing's Blog: She's almost got me sewing again, but not quite. If I just had the time.

Big Ass Belle: She brave in stating her opinions and she's a wonderfully lyrical and descriptive writer. Kudos!

Austen Blog: A juggernaut of a Jane Austen blog. These ladies know their stuff and keep us updated on all things Austen.

Damsel in Progress: Damsel writes thoughtful personal posts about a life in transition. And she knows a thing or two about movies and theater design.

Jinx!: I like to think that Jinxy is a younger kindred spirit. Her cakes are to die for and she has an unerring eye for spotting similarities in facial types.


BigAssBelle said...

well thank you ms place!!!! i was restless yesterday afternoon, so crept out of the house and into an afternoon movie ~ becoming jane. thought of you. it was wonderful.

Marius said...

Wonderful news. And to be nominated by the wonderful Linda Merrill is an honor in and of itself.