Aug 31, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

I'm sure there are tons of male examples of fury, but I'll stick to one subject on this post. Beware the cheated wife or girlfriend. We all know what Glen Close did to that poor bunny in Fatal Attraction. Well, here are some real life "bunny boilers."

These women performed the ultimate revenge act

But there are other ways to skin a cat


ArtfulSub said...

Great stuff. Especially the license plates! As a foodie, you might appreciate this product highly recommended by yours truly:

Come to think of it, a few drops sneakily placed on certain areas of the anatomy WOULD be quite vengeful.

Melanie said...

A perfect accompaniment to this post is the song 'Before He Cheats' written by Chris Tompkins/Josh Kear and performed by Carrie Underwood. You can listen to/watch the music video here:

And here are the lyrics:

Melanie said...

The link to the lyrics page on Carrie's website doesn't seem to be working, so here's another website with those lyrics:

Charlus said...

I love Claudine Longet. I had no idea about the husband-shooting, though. Also, the first pic, of the billboard ad, was apparently a viral marketing campaign for something or other, and not a real-life thing. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Spider Sabich was Claudine's lover; her husband was the singer Andy Williams. It was THE huge scandal of the mid 70s.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who torched her lover's car!!!

(I never did more than let air out of my guy's tires. Well, one tire only. I didn't want him to KNOW I'd done it, after all...)

-- desertwind

jinxy said...

I had a nasty divorce. I certainly made a grade-A ass out of myself before I realized how not worh it he really was.

I'll have to post about it one day :)

William said...

Spider was a dear friend of mine, mentor, ski partner and someone full of life and virility. Claudine was exonerated of cold blooded murder due to Andy Williams legal assistance. Claudine was not Andy William's wife but his mistress, while his wife was dying of cancer at the time, and she wasl Spider Sabich's lover. Spider tired of her running back to Andy and the night he told Claudine it was over, well she made sure it was truly over. Spider is truly missed and was an inspiration to all that knew him, except Claudine!