Aug 29, 2007

The Brits: Dame Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith. Every time I see her name associated with a movie, I make certain to see it. Who can forget her sterling performance in an otherwise forgettable film, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, where she teaches her 'gairls' about truth, beauty and romantic history, and for which she won her first Academy Award?

Maggie's been mature for so long, one forgets what a delicious British babe she once was, playing Desdemona to Sir Laurence Olivier's Othello in 1966.

I loved her in Travels With My Aunt (where you can see a very young Cindy Williams hold her own with Maggie), the irritating chaperone in A Room With A View, and as the perpetual poor relation in Gosford Park.

Her youngest fans know her best as Minerva McGonnegal in the Harry Potter movies.

Thinking about the variety and scope of her roles I am left to wonder: What can't she do?

Maggie below, relaxed and as herself.


jinxy said...

I adore Maggie Smith. She is just so yummily.... British. And she plays any uptight bitch character to perfection.

on another note...

I LOVE Gosford Park. I think I'll rent it tonight.


Linda Merrill said...

I just saw both Gosford Park and Becoming Jane this weekend. So, lots of Dame Maggie. She is amazing and no one can delivery a line like she. I loved her in A Room with A View as well.

Anonymous said...

I love me some Mags too, but Jesus H., look at those man-hands.