Aug 30, 2007

Diana Remembered

Dahlings, ten years ago today Diana, Princess of Wales, lived her last full 24 hours. She died on the evening of August 31, 1997 and I must admit I spent the following days in mourning.

I've always identified with Diana, watching her romantic wedding on television and admiring her aristocratic and uniquely English beauty.

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Big Fella said...

I dunno, as time has transpired and I have read more and more about all of these people, I don't think the picture that we may want to paint of any of them is going to be accurate. I never cared for any of the royals, nor for Camilla, but I also think all of them, Charles, Diana, Camilla have been in their own ways very manipulative people.

I just don't see Diana as all sweetness and light. She set out to conquer The Prince of Whales, and she did. She also seems to have had her own extra marital dilliances and plenty of neurotic behavior, if half the stories you read are true.

I don't begrudge her family to miss her and honor her memory, but I don't hold her up on any pedestal either.

If I was the guy up there, maintaining the fish bowl that is life on Earth, I'd demote the Windsors and eliminate any cncept of royalty.

Ms. Place said...

Oh, agreed, big fella, she was a difficult and manipulative person. And she had her own slew of lovers. I understand she took to screaming to get her way. So, there's no sweetness there. But I love the way she broke rank. She made those royals dowdy Royals zing, and there was something about her walking towards the crowds, touching hands, getting close to AIDS patients, that was genuine. She was a walking contradiction. And a style icon, which was half the attraction.

I was going to add a lot of snark then held back, wanting to remember only the positive after ten years.

Rachel said...

Your tribute was very touching, and I think when remembering someone, it's important to focus on the positive. I guess what irks me (not about your post specifically, because it was quite nice, but in general) was that Mother Teresa died almost at the same time, but nobody seems to say anything about her. Not as many tributes, and it seems not as much media attention. She did have her faults, but somehow it just doesn't seem right.

Big Fella said...

ms. place:
Yes, I know she did in fact do some good works, and I agree, anyone who can tweak the monarchy's nose can't be all bad.

Linda Merrill said...

Very nice tribute. And I agree, better to honor the best rather than dwell on the worst. She was an unprepared, undereducated young woman who did in fact love the Prince (from all accounts) who had to deal with the realization that she never had a chance. In addition, she was thrust into the media spotlight and became one of the first true tabloid stars. I always felt that she had no idea the power she wielded until she got a little older. She was human - all humans are walking contradictions.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet of you!

I've got two distinct personal memories:

On LSD, I watched the wedding on tv in a horrible counsel flat in Manchester. We loved her!!!

During a thunderstorm at my new desert house, I twiddled with the knobs on a 1945 radio I'd just bought to see if it worked and heard about her death.

It would've been interesting to see what she accomplished. And she was most beautiful at the end.

-- desertwubd

jinxy said...

I have to rebut big fellas comments with a question. If you found yourself trapped in a one-sided marriage thrust in the public eye, would you have held up any better?

She was very young when she got married and probably had no idea what she was in for.

I can admit I probably would have dealt with it a lot worse than she did. At the very least I would have had one of those shrieking Dynasty Meltdown moments when confronted with that hag Camilla.