Aug 17, 2007

Pet Fashion Week 2007

For the 2007 Photos and Coverage, click here

Pet Fashion Week in New York will be held August 18th & 19th at 125 West 18th Street. Dahlings, you can still fly your private jets and catch this suspenseful show tomorrow. Here are some of last year's runway participants:


Laura Kranitz
Precious Pups
Mike Rinaldi

Molly Gately
Dog Luv

Les Poochs
American Pup
EE Halstrom
Bonesoir Randolph


BigAssBelle said...

aren't they adorable? goodness, i love dogs to distraction.

ms place!! i was in here twice earlier this week and kept getting errors! was it me? was it you? glad it's fixed . . . :-)

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh my goodness! If I ever saw a shirtless guy in a duster walking a weimaraner toward me, I'd call the cops! And can you see my Border Collie, Hoover, wearing any of those? Eek!