Aug 2, 2007

Seen on the Blogosphere: Marriage Vows for Buff Couples or Couples in the Buff. Oh, My

Manolo for the Brides does not disappoint. For those of you who would like to save one or two thousand dollars on a wedding dress and tux, The Manolo offers this preciously spare solution. Click here.

Being the curious person I am, I thought I'd check a few other sites, and sure enough a number of burgeoning choices revealed themselves.

Maui Nude Weddings

Naked Came the Bride

Dahlings, it's obvious she's taken the time to fix her hair nicely. Could he at least not have shaved that tuft of hair off the small of his back? Ewww! And just one eensy question: Don't nudist men ever work out? Where are the six packers when you need them? Check out Living Waters Spa here.

Some people prefer to keep their clothes on but marry in a less traditional setting, as described in this site. Hah! Enter More Alive Weddings and discover quick and easy weddings performed in jails, hospitals, and most anywhere else by an ordained minister.

Bungee jump wedding They fell fast for each other. (Groan)


becca said...

Why are some of the brides in the first photo wearing shoes? That would be the first item of clothing I'd discard

ArtfulSub said...

The lack of attractive bodies is a problem the nudist resort industry recognizes. They hire college students to frolic on timeshare-selling days at one of them.

BigAssBelle said...

oh please, please, please wax that little tuft. it is an endless source of amazement to me, this uncritical acceptance men have for their bodies. yay for them, but dayum, couldn't we get a little of that??

Big Fella said...

Yikes! Is Living Waters Spa in to pedophilia, how old is the bride with no chest?