May 30, 2007

Know why Scarlett Johannson is so fabulous ...?

Because she seems so comfortable in her own skin, so proud of her feminine body, and so voluptuously HEALTHY. She exudes a combination of glamor, sexiness, and wholesomeness that few women manage to achieve. Plus she's smart, self-supporting, and confident.

And she can act. Scarlett needs no drummed up drama to attract attention. She merely ... is. When you read my post tomorrow, you'll understand why I started out with her as an example. (No, I won't be talking about Lindsay Lohan.)

Even Isaac Mizrahi, who is surrounded by beautiful women every day, couldn't contain himself when Scarlett stepped onto the red carpet in this gown. He just had to check out her girls.

How fabulous is this look?

How sexy is this one?

She could be selling cow urine and no one would notice.
I can only say, Amen to you, sister. Keep on going on and doin' what you're doin'.


ArtfulSub said...

Wowie Zowie! Yet another mega-celebrity I'm the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to have heard of.

First there was Angela Jolie.Then Martha Stewart. Then Lindsay Lohan. And now this foxy babe for whom a google search gets 12 billion hits.

To date, I still haven't seen ANY of the movies, TV shows, music videos, magazines or whatever it was that made them famous prior to scandal.

I remain the KING of the tragically unhip.


Ms. Place said...
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Ms. Place said...

No scandal with Scarlett, which is what makes her so refreshing. Just a hardworking actress who manages to stay out of trouble. She does attend premieres and fashion shows, though, and that places her in the limelight. This young actress knows how to make an entrance.

If you haven't seen Lost in Translation, then you have missed a small cinematic wonder. I loved her quiet turn in the Girl With the Pearl Earring too, but I think I was one of only three people to see it.

I am using her image and persona to anchor another piece I am working on for tomorrow.

jinxy said...

I just love this wonderful girl. She can act seasoned actors/actresses off a screen and looks good no matter what she's in...

Marius said...

I love ScarJo. She's beautiful, sexy, and the list goes on. Lost in Translation was such a joy to watch--Sofia and ScarJo worked very well together.

She's actually been compared to Marilyn Monroe. I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate, but I can certainly see why people would think that. And I love that Isaac Mizrahi couldn’t resist the temptation to touch her girls. It was one of those great Hollywood moments.

Big Fella said...

"She could be selling cow urine and no one would notice."

Believe me, if he thought he could make money from it, Gene Simmons would notice.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what you see in her. There are lots of pretty girls in Hollywood and they all have boobs.

I think she just has a good press agent. Uma Thurman has a good press agent, too. Uma is not at all pretty and yet is always cast as "the beautiful girl."

To each his own.

Anonymous said...

I think Scarlett Johannson looks like Jackie Warner of Bravo's "Work Out" show.

Linda Merrill said...

She was in The Horse Whisperer and held her own with Robert Redford and what's-her-name the British actress. I thought it was interesting, and a little creepy, that Woody Allen after working with her, encouraged her to stop wearing heavy makeup and go more natural. I think he was right, but still... not the best idea of a svengalli. btw - I'm one of the three who saw "Girl with a pearl earring"! But, did not like "Lost in Translation". I actually turned off the dvd.

BigAssBelle said...

she is gorgeous, yes? reminds me in some of those of marilyn monroe at the height of her lusciousness. i hope she can hold out against those who would tear her flesh from her bones with words and criticisms and images of her when she's maybe not quite as perfect. as if that's possible :-) pretty, pretty woman.