May 18, 2007

In a nutshell...

Want to know your visual DNA? Click on the Get your own Visual DNA link in the graphic below, choose some pictures, and generate a report. I'm amazed at how accurately this short test assessed my personality. The site also allows you to type in your own observations, as you see in the sample below. Fun. (But be aware, it doesn't include apostrophes.)

I also chose photos I would have chosen pre-divorce. (That's why I got the "Their" and "Your" labels.) Very interesting. Little changed as a result.


ArtfulSub said...


That is quite a cool site. The "pick a bedroom" section actually HAD my bedroom as an option. Nearly identical.

I am the Dreamer, Conqueror, High Roller, and Love Bug.

Want to meet me in Vegas for the World Series of Poker?


Ms. Place said...

Cool profile. Thanks for sharing! Bet you bring a large stash of cash with you to Vegas and boldly gamble where I have not dared to go.

Lady Jane said...

I must say, I find it kind of annoying that there are no apostrophes! lol Thanks for having a look at mine. :)

ArtfulSub said...


Poker isn't gambling if you're good enough at it. Vegas would be an assault on your good taste from which you might never recover.

So, we'll go to Tunica instead!

Thanks MUCH for the translation help and MUCHO MUCH for pointing out that I left no section for comments on my blog.