May 5, 2007

American Idol: I Vote for ...

I've been watching American Idol with interest this season. Many of the singers seem more current and modern than the batches in previous years, and we have a genuine competition brewing. Apart from the Sanjaya phenomenon (yeah, he's cute and got charisma, but can't sing his way out of the shower) I think this is the strongest vocal group yet.

Of the four singers remaining, my vote is for Melinda Doolittle. Blake rocks, Jordin is amazing, and LaKisha is a belter. But Melinda knows how to tell a story with a song, and she reins in her voice in order to let the melody shine. She never screeches or overreaches, which is LaKisha's problem at times. I'd pay to see Melinda and I can't wait to hear her original material.

She out-Faiths Faith Hill in this song, There Will Come a Day, from the Idol Gives Back special. Her interpretation is spot on, restrained when it needs to be, and inspiring and original as she finishes it. Is Simon ever wrong in his assessment of singing talent? Rarely. For once, I agree with the judges. Regardless of whether Melinda wins the competition, she can look forward to a solid career from now on.


Big Fella said...

Right on, ms place, I have been rooting for Melinda Doolittle since the first show, athough I stopped watching it after Sanjaya was hanging around too long.

She has the chops, she is professional, and she will melt your heart with her humility and that smile.

(The Mrs. said it was OK for me to say that, she likes Melinda too.)

Big Fella said...

Oh, and that Glockson girl with the stud in her tongue, that was another one causing me to turn the channel. What kind of fool thinks they can sing with a stud in their tonge?

ArtfulSub said...

I picked Blake and Melinda to make the Finale back when there were 12 or more. Tis my first season watching.

Couldn't agree more with your comment on Melinda. In my informed view, she's the best operatic-range popular singer in America today.

Unlike screeching harpy Mariah Carey, she doesn't feel a need to hit every note in her range on every lyric line. That's called "singing".

Fave Melinda moment was "Trouble is a Woman". Upbeat and sassy, she waited till the very end to hold a note and shake the rafters. That's called singing too.

The producers probably want Blake to win. And he's the most experienced and versatile.

They definately DO NOT want either Lakisha or Jordin to win. Jordin isn't up to the horrendous performance and appearance schedule being Idol requires. Lakisha is an ebonics-speaking single mother. One wonders if winning would drag the babydaddy into the picture.


Laz said...

Of the gals, Melinda is definitely my favorite. And for the exact reason you mention; she sings naturally and with depth. Everything she sings just pours out of her, sometimes it seems to flow so easily that you wonder if it's lip-synching. I'm sure it's not, but that's how easy she makes it look and that's a gift unto itself.

Of the guys, Blake is my pick. His talent is awsome and he's totally easy on the eyes!! = )

Ms. Place said...

I think Blake might go next, unfortunately. He hit the wrong notes last night; though Lakisha bungled her songs too. We'll see!