May 11, 2007

The new 40

Sixty looks like forty when you've taken good care of yourself, maintained your weight, and stayed out of the sun.

Only her plastic surgeon knows for sure, but if Shear Genius host and former Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith had any facial work done, the guy was a genius. She still resembles her old self, unlike her former Angels co-star Farrah, who has been stretched and botoxed to the point of assymetry.


jinxy said...

There's no way that I'll believe that she has had absolutely no work done. However, it does look like she has been moderate with the plastic surgery and not gone overboard.

If only we could all look so good at her age...

ArtfulSub said...

Sounds about right. 60 as the new 40. Ahhh the Angels....

I tried to connect with Farrah but found my boyish fantasies turn to the warmer and more accessible Ms. Smith and later Cheryl Ladd.

Kind of interesting that...YIKES years later, Ladd and Smith appear to be happy well-adjusted people and Farrah is....farrah.

At the risk of being rightfully called a shameless self-promoter, I implore you to read my blog post entitled " Belles, Baronesses and King".

There's a reference to a certain rather obscure writer I like to turn people on to. Bet you'll like her.

misanthropically yours,

Linda Merrill said...

She probably started having small things done early on, so the changes were slow and carefully done. Jane Fonda turns 70 this year and she still looks amazing as well.

Marius said...

Jaclyn Smith still looks amazing. Wait, Jane Fonda turns 70 this year? Wow, I'm speechless.