May 19, 2007

Fabulous Saturday

Dovima. Do they even make models like her any more?

I've showcased Suzy Parker and Lisa Fonssagrives on this blog, and every time I think I've found the height of fashion fabulosity, I discover another unique face and look of times past. Here then, are some photos of Dovima, nee Dorothy Horan, 1927-1990. She was among the highest paid models of her era and one of the first true super models (Hear that Janice?)

Her cameo appearance in Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn

Her most famous photograph, taken in Paris by Richard Avedon


Marius said...

Dovima is fabulous. And I just love the movie Funny Face. I don’t think they make models like her anymore, which is a shame, but I did love the 90s. Linda Evangelista was a memorable 90s model. Some of her pictures remind me of the great Dovima.

jinxy said...

Dovima is too fab for this planet!!

Thgat bone structure, those eyes, THAT POSTURE!!!!