May 9, 2007

Not spring water?...

Well, nothing surprises me any more and everybody probably knew this way before me, but whenever I purchase a bottle of Dasani or Aquafina (the Dutch girl in me likes their value for the money), I am drinking someone else's tap water. Yeah, they may call it "bottled purified water, " but it's just plain old water from a public water source put through a series of filters. And the practice is perfectly legal.

So, I've begun to fill my empty Aquafina and Dasani bottles with my own tap water run through my own filters. Frankly, I can hardly tell the difference.


jinxy said...

LOL yeah, those bottling companies have some gall...

I usually fill up my bottles at my parents' house. They have a well and purifiers attached to their faucets, so their water is just as good, if not better than those imitators.

When I move out there Ms. Place I'll send you a gallon or two of Purified Georgia Aquifer Water. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ms. Place -

I used to re-fill my plastic water bottles with Eau d' Muni Waterworks until my sister gave me the sanitary fisheye. She reminded me that when we drink out of the bottle, our saliva gets into the water and our mouth bacteria on the lip of the bottle. Thus, in essence, as my sis said, when you drink from the re-filled bottle it's equivalent to drinking POND WATER.

Put me right off that practice but GOOD!

If you sanitize the bottles - run 'em through the dishwasher or do a weak bleach rinse, I suppose you'd have sterilized the bottle sufficiently, but, be forewarned. And I bet if you were to ask your physician he/she would give you the same caution.

This isn't saying you have to buy into the bottled water con (and it IS a dupe for the gullible in most cases - at least in the US where we have potable tap water readily available), but the re-fill presents some contamination threats.

Pop "refilling water bottles" into GOOGLE, and you'll see a welter of articles!

All the best,


Linda Merrill said...

I say re-fill the bottles. Just don't share 'em with others. Not sure if I agree with the "Pond Water" concept - afterall, if the saliva in my mouth isn't pond water, why is it after it's dried? Although, I do prefer refillable bottles with squeeze through drink caps, so no backwash.

ArtfulSub said...

Ms. Place,

Your home system is probably giving you BETTER water than what you used to buy.

The large tanks at Aquafina etc... are cleaned with powerful solvents which find their way into the water. Trace amounts normally but once-in-a-while a significant problem.

Workers assigned to clean the tanks are issued new gloves and boots about every 20 shifts. The solvents eat the rubber.

If you follow the cleaning and filter-replacement regimen, you're probably better off now.