May 5, 2007

My latest post on Bravissimo

Do you like watching Shear Genius? Here's a sneak preview of Ms. Place's latest satirical post on her other blog, Bravissimo. Go check this post - and the contributions of her fellow bloggers - out on this site.

You're right, Anthony, they're all wankers. But first, I gotta take Ms. Goodie Two Shoes down. This win's gone to her head. She's singing that loony Hair song in front of the judges! There's room for only one Diva on this show and you're looking at her.

Say what, Bitch?

You've singlehandedly set back the hair profession and all scientific inquiry as we know it. Not to mention lawn maintenance procedures.

To read the entire post, click here.
You might have to scroll down until you find it.

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